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  • Beautiful Accidents

    Once in a while a non-plan comes together. Our Bass player Dave comes by last week to record some Bass tracks for the upcoming Dai Pritchard Band Album. Armed with his SWR Henry the 8×8, an Eden 15″, BBE Pre, and a stereo power amp. I for one think Bass players get ripped of as […]

  • Matty B Comic : Cars

    Here’s a sample from the Comedy 2 for 1 sessions we recorded in November. This is part of an up coming album we are producing with Matty later this year. Enjoy.

  • Ebay Fail!

      Click to see larger image.

  • Newcastle Live Blues Roughing

    Just finished some rough mixes. The Voodoo Express at a special gig recently. More to come. Sounds Massive!

  • Pope and Foxman @ The Wicko “Tony Coughlan Memorial Day”

    A very cool day out recording some amazing music. I took the rig up to Newcastle’s Wickham Park Hotel yesterday (Sunday 25 November) to help out my good mate Karl Pope. Karl did his thing as mister analogue. Handling the mixing duties for three amazing bands. Ngariki Band, The Voodoo Express, and The Steve Edmonds […]

  • Matty B and Brendon Knott @ Civic Playhouse Newcastle

    A few images from our little season of comedy in Newcastle. Images Gail Thomas and Jon Fox The Talent – Matty B and Brendon Knott Foxman Productions provided the audio production and recording services Production Design, props, paperwork, and graphics - Tel “The Maker” Stage Management – Soame Chopra Additional Microphones – Reel Feel Studios […]


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